Hero Sprint

10 MB
2017-11-25 00:28:50
Ad by Arjun Kapoor

Hero Octane Zephyr

14.1 MB
2018-01-05 07:00:22
Designed for urban adults who are health conscious and seek a lighter & smoother ride. It is amazingly lighter than other city bikes, and comes with a host of features which are hard to compare with other products in the market.

Hero SprintPro Doran

8.4 MB
2018-05-15 08:49:07
With an alloy body and 29 inch tyres, Hero Sprint Pro Doran is the total bad boy of the streets. Powered by Shimano 21 Speed Drivetrain, Suspension with Lockout Feature, Double Disc Brakes and Eazy Fire Shifters, it makes you a Pro of your Pack.

Hero SprintPro KIXS

9.8 MB
2018-05-15 08:53:54
With Larger Tyres and better Traction, Here's a Bike that KIXS up Dirt. Made using High Tensile Steel, Powered by 21 Speed Shimano and controlled by Double Disc Brakes, its here to assist you claim your way!!

Hero SprintPro Reaction

11.2 MB
2018-05-15 08:57:04
With stunning looks and improved graphics, see the reaction in peoples face in the city, when you ride Hero SprintPro Reaction.

Hero SprintPro Spark

9.1 MB
2018-05-15 09:07:14
With India's First* Inverted Fork Suspension, 21 Speed Shimano Drivetrain & Shifters, Front Disc Breaks and Steel Frame, ignite your spark and own the road with Hero SprintPro Spark.

Hero SprintPro CERALO

12.6 MB
2018-05-15 09:10:28
Presenting the all new style icon – Hero SprintPro CERALO. Pop up Neon Colours, State of the art componentry and load of attitude. Get one today and turn the world your way.

Hero SprintPro Sweed

10.1 MB
2018-05-15 09:16:37
A powerhouse lean machine with a state of the art aerodynamic frame design. A 21 speed Shimano drivetrain, Front suspension forks & Double Wall Alloy Rims. A fantastic combination of style and performance. Own it now & be the ultimate biker with Hero SprintPro Sweed

Hero SprintPro Halcon

8.8 MB
2018-05-15 09:32:20
With a lightweight frame and better Agility, Manoeuvre through the city on a Hero SprintPro Halcon. Powered by 21 speed Shimano Drivetrain & an Alloy Suspension with Lockout, ride it now to be a Pro.

Hero SprintPro Warrior

13.3 MB
2018-05-15 09:34:26
Hero SprintPro Warrior with ultra wide tyres & an aluminium body, powered by ever reliable Shimano Drivetrain, front suspension forks & aerodynamic frame that optimise every little bit of energy you put in. Now be the warrior everybody envies in town.

Hero SprintPro Trans

13.1 MB
2018-05-15 09:38:27
With the alloy crown suspension, the city is your playground with a Hero SprintPro Trans. Powered by 21 speed Shimano Drivetrain, Alloy Suspension with Lockout & QR system on front wheel & Saddle, ride it now to be a Pro.


1.4 MB
2019-10-08 04:03:38

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